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Live from Nova Scotia, we are specialty printers of patterned vinyl for crafting, DIY & home décor.

With over 6000 Vinyl Patterns in gloss, glitter, heat transfer, cardstock and 20 & 30 oz Tumbler Wraps, we've got your projects covered.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Canada Day, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Mother's Day, New Years, Pride, Remembrance Day, St. Patrick's, Valentine's, Veteran's Day, 420

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Glitter Holo Patterns

One step glitter with no loose flakes makes this vinyl perfect for tumbler wraps & whenever you need some extra bling.

6000 Glitter Holographic Patterns: 11 x 12"
6000 Glitter Tumbler Wraps: 20 & 30oz

Ez Patterns Spring Holiday Vinyl, Siser, HTV, Tumblers

Heat Transfer Patterns

We print Heat Transfer patterns on Siser Color Print HTV for consistent quality, durability & CPSIA safety certification.

Now over 5250 Heat Transfer Patterns